We audio content creators


We produced the first audio content from a client’s request.


Due to high demand, we opened our business to new customers.


We bought one of the largest audio production studios in the Indian Ocean.


Time flies; we’re producing our 1000th audio experience!


You’re here. Why don’t we tell your story differently?
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Our recording studio

Bought in 2020, our studio is in Mauritius. Here, we record and produce audio experiences dedicated to young audiences but not only.
Acoustic rooms, recording booths, musical instruments, and mixing desks… We let our creativity run wild.
Actor voices with a passion for telling their stories, and musicians create atmospheres and soundscapes to transcend their audiences.

Not forgetting those who bring your stories to life

48 writers who imagine and write the stories.

120 actors who lend voices.

28 musicians, engineers and sound designers who compose your sound identity.

8 artistic or editorial directors who manage our actors in our 5 recording rooms.

Comprehensive know-how for unique audio experiences

Project management

A unique experience can only be created if the project is well managed. You’ll have a dedicated contact person throughout the creative and technical process. He will take care of every single detail.

Art Direction

Our artistic directors use their creativity and talent. They ensure that the project’s identity matches your identity or the original work you wish to adapt into audio.


Our pens scratch the paper to create incredible stories suitable for young audiences. Each story is written to bring out positive emotions in children.

Editorial review

Editorial editing is the best way to adapt an original work into audio content. This way, the work’s identity is preserved, and the audio version remains faithful to the original version.

Sound identity

Our musicians compose your audio content sound identity and themes based on the writer’s and art director’s work. This truly immerses the listener in the story and the experience.

Voice recording

We conduct a casting session to find the voices that embody your story and characters. Our studio is equipped with 5 recording booths and the best audio production equipment.

Editing and mixing

Our engineers and sound designers edit and mix your audio content to give it the best possible listening quality. To do this, they’re equipped with the latest tools and software.

Audio production

All our skills enable us to industrialise audio production by mastering all design stages: from project creation to delivery.

Multi-voice recording

Some stories feature multiple characters. We can record numerous voices while still maintaining the content’s audio quality.

Multilingual translation

Each project (whether it’s an adaptation or a creation) can be translated into several languages. We’re fluent in French, English, German, Italian and Hindi. And we integrate a specific art direction for each language.

Multilingual production

We have actors of different nationalities whose native language is French, English, German, Italian or Hindi.

Quality control and certification

We check the quality of every audio content produced before its final delivery to the panel. If necessary, we make the necessary changes before certifying the project.

They gave us their ideas; we produced them. And what about you?


Trust us with your project