A unique experience via audio content for

Conveying an idea
Adapting or revisiting a work
Immerse your audience
Providing emotions
Gaining market share
Increase your awareness
Create a solid attachment to your brand
Making content accessible to the visually impaired
Offer content for children
A unique experience via audio content for
million is the number of new consumers of audiobooks in 2021 – 26% of the French population.
million listened to at least 1 audiobook.
of Internet users listen to podcasts every month.

Audio content for “what”?

The answer will not disappoint. Audio content has no limits: you can use it in many contexts and do whatever you want with it.
Adapting or revisiting an original work

Original works can be adapted and revisited in audio content (or audio work). For publishers, this is an opportunity to diversify their catalogue and reach those who do not like to read or do not yet know how to do so.

Creating a solid attachment through storytelling

The narrative and the sound environment carry the listener away. This strengthens the storytelling and provides more powerful emotions. The listener can then develop an attachment to the brand.

Innovation in communicating a message

Audio content gives free rein to the imagination and is soothing in contrast to screens. It provides a real immersive experience that allows messages to be conveyed healthily and innovatively.

Create educational and fun content for children

Stories absorb children’s attention. They learn new things with ease. And the free flow of imagination promotes their development.

Making literary work accessible to the visually impaired

Some people are not fortunate enough to have good enough eyesight to read literary works. Audio content allows them to access these works simply, without reading them.

Innovation in communicating a message

Audio content gives free rein to the imagination and is soothing in contrast to screens. It provides a real immersive experience that allows messages to be conveyed in a healthy and innovative way.

Increasing brand awareness

A brand that communicates creatively and innovatively is bound to stand out. Audio content is part of the logic of sensory marketing that appeals to one or more senses to reach consumers.

Enhancing a cultural experience

There is nothing more boring for a child than to be “dragged” to a museum by his parents. However, the experience becomes much more fun if someone tells them the stories of the objects around them. More than stories, it’s a real journey through time.

Improve a physical experience (such as waiting time)

Audio content is part of a sensory marketing approach, appealing to the sense of hearing and enhancing a physical experience. Waiting times (at the airport, train station or hotel reception, for example) become immediately more pleasant and leave a pleasant memory for those who have experienced them.

Making meditation accessible to children

Ask a child to calm down… He is unlikely to calm down. If, on the other hand, Blue the Musical Fairy invites them to sit down, listen to the little noises and relax, it’s a different story.

Creating a unique and impactful audio experience

By stimulating the hearing senses and giving free rein to imagination, audio content is a real experience that generates positive emotions. You can be sure to deliver a unique and powerful experience.


What makes the difference is the immersion

Voices, sound effects, soundscapes. Audio content has the power to transcend listeners, immerse them in a story and make them experience strong emotions. Experts in young listeners, discover some of our audio production samples.

Example 1
“Faustin and the Mysterious Island” communicates the values of resilience, generosity, and respect to children through a 10-part audio series.
Example 2
“Alastair’s hunt for Tingalina the fairy” We produce stories or audiobooks in English (as well as 4 other languages).
Example 3
“The wolf and the lamb”, by Jean de la Fontaine. Vocal reading of a collection of poems in a multi-voice recording.
Example 4
“Tales of a Thousand and One Nights” Adapted a book to audio format to make it more easily accessible.
Example 5
“Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. Immerse your listeners in the story of Alice in Wonderland.
From an idea or objective

From an idea or objective

Our teams create a story from scratch based on your idea or objective. Our younger generation’s knowledge means we can guide and optimise your project for a more significant impact. You don’t have to provide us with a synopsis; we write it and recruit the voice actors.



You already have the story, we adapt it into audio content without distorting it. We’ll find your voice and compose the soundtrack. This new version will be faithful to the original.

recorded audio content
our writers wrote stories
voices to tell your story
rights assigned with no time limit

Trust us with your project